Ou Bao Charitable Fund issued 20 subsidized poor students

In August 27th, Ou Bao Technology Security Limited by Share Ltd in the meeting room, love. 2012 year Ou Bao fourth grants distribution ceremony held here, grants to 20 families of children in Liandu district. Zhu Zuxin, President of Liandu Charity Federation, Zhao Zonghe, Secretary General of the Charity Federation, and deputy director of the industrial park, Li Meihua attended the grant ceremony.
“ Ou Bao charitable fund ” established in 2009, has so far accumulated funds more than 80 yuan, more than 80 students, continue to actively support the development of education. Charity fund is managed by Charity Federation, and it is the first special charity fund in Liandu district. This is “ Ou Bao charitable fund company fourth ” Ou Bao love student activities. In the original funded college students, 2 students have successfully completed their studies, and this time there are new students took love transfer stick to join, the latter will continue to help the new poor students to complete the dream of learning.
In the grant distribution ceremony, Mr. Chen Endi, founder of the Company Bao Ou grants to all students in the hands of the recipients, and encouraged them to cherish the good time, study hard study, self-confidence, passing love. The competition of the world economy is the competition of science and technology in the final analysis. The competition of science and technology is the competition of knowledge in the final analysis, and the competition of knowledge is the competition of talents in the final analysis. Has retired from the position of chairman of Mr. Chen Endi, take practical action to join the charity, founded “ Ou Bao charitable fund &rdquo, helping the poor, helping.
“ Ou Bao charitable fund ” open the door for the charity in Liandu, is also the first charity fund is a permanent project. This charitable activity go15, will continue as a centennial oubao company, in the development of enterprises and social returns, continue to inject new funds to “ Ou Bao charitable fund, funded by ” more to help poor students, actively support the charity. Hope recipients students carry forward this positive energy of love, and strive to make efforts, strong power of love into society and care for others, to become the pillars of the country, for the motherland and contribute their youth, wisdom and strength.