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2019 autumn Canton Fair pull back the curtain, Oubao actively participate in the exhibition.
OnOctober15,2019,the126thChinaImportandExportCommoditiesFair(CantonFair)washeldinGuangzhouPazhouInternationalExhibitionCenterasscheduled.Oubao SecurityTechnologyCo.,Ltd.(16.4 D29-30,E12-13)carryalarge
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OuBao company: R & D investment to achieve results into intelligent home market
Fine & ldquo; chi & rdquo; Oubao smart home life from the beginning Ou Bao smart home listed that day more than 30 fresh contract November 25, held a grand ceremony in the new release of smart home
Ou Bao Rong Choi: intelligent background audio system to make life better
1 December 5th, 2014, 2014 (tenth) Chinese audio and video industry technology and application trends forum (& ldquo; AVF Forum & rdquo;) was held in Beijing Jingyi Hotel. The forum followed industry
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