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To provide customers with high quality smart home system one-stop solution
Ou Bao technology to "safety is rooted in the world, so that security has become a habit. Is committed to creating high-quality products, provide first-class services, to win the trust of customers, solve the security risks for all customers and provide one-stop solutions, is the unremitting efforts oubao people's direction and momentum.
Build smart home system supply enterprises
Ou Bao is a focus on the intrinsic quality of enterprise, the company adhere to the quality of excellence to win development opportunities, tenacious struggle, the pursuit of excellence, the company step by step, step by step to become a leader of excellence, advanced technology, excellent quality, intelligent system become a world-class enterprise supply Home Furnishing.oubao
Core values
Honesty, humility, pragmatism, innovation, win-win cooperation and lasting development
Ou Bao is a focus on the intrinsic quality of enterprise, Ou Po people uphold "honesty, modesty and virtue, exquisite down-to-earth and pragmatic attitude, and actively create the pursuit of new ideas and new things of the spirit, concise together, mutual cooperation, through continuous self-improvement, make ou Po people realize their own value and the ideal, make Ou Bao technology to achieve a higher level promotion, realize the sustainable development of the organization.
Function concept
Management concept: scientific management, promote the company's rapid development
Ou Bao company has sophisticated technology R & D personnel, through the management system, efficient management team and scientific, the use of modern management concepts, to promote the development of the company more stable, rapid and long-term.
Quality concept: take quality as the first, promote branding, standardization, process, refinement
Product quality is the fundamental business, the company has been the product quality in the first place, oubao people believe the only perfect products to win outstanding performance, the only perfect service to win sustainable growth space, is committed to product branding, operation standardization, work processes, product refinement, continuous improvement the quality of products and service, with impeccable quality to win customer satisfaction and trust, so as to promote the sustainable development of Ou Bao technology.
Innovative ideas:Innovation, market innovation, management innovation, technological innovation and equipment innovation
 Innovation is an inexhaustible motive force to promote enterprise development and sustainable development, no innovation would not be Ou Bao technology vision, no innovation can not be completed Ou Bao technology mission; every one should keep in mind the importance of Ou Bao innovation, and actively participate in market innovation, management innovation, technology innovation and equipment innovation. Ou Bao to promote the sustainable development of science and technology.
Talent concept:People-oriented, individualized education, all rivers run into sea, their intentions to keep people
Talent is the driving force to promote the sustainable development of Ou Bao technology, is the key to enhance the core competitiveness of the Ou Bao Technology; Ou Bao technology to establish employment standards, create a respect for knowledge and talent in the atmosphere,


All corners of the country aims to attract talents to join the big family of Ou Bao Technology; Ou Bao technology to establish working ability based talent selection mechanism, and strive to achieve the best; Ou Bao technology establish a scientific mechanism of talents training, according to the development way of employee's skills, ambition and potential energy for matching, provide development opportunities, fair build effective growth platform for every educated employees, help and promote each employee to realize the value and ideal; Ou Bao technology is committed to creating a friendly and relaxed working atmosphere, sincerely committed to retain talent.
Team concept:International synchronization, the development of a combat effectiveness

Elite team
Team building and international standards, domestic and international team members to unify thinking, consistent aim, close cooperation, work together, play to their strengths, such as the wolves close cooperation, will be able to form a powerful force, so as to overcome the difficulties, to reach the overall goal of team, and ensure each member's personal interests.
Security concept:Ensure safety, make safety become a habit
Everything is first, in relation to the safety of everyone's life, related to the well-being of every family, related to the survival of Ou Bao technology, related to social harmony, every Ou Bao technology people should remember the importance of safety, the safety awareness of subtle, every detail in the daily activities of fusion a natural habit.

Environmental protection idea:Optimize the environment, make environmental awareness rooted in the heart
Ou Bao company with &ldquo ” green manufacturing; demands on themselves, to understand, to the environmental protection of circular economy from unfamiliar to the familiar, to understand, and actively create a green enterprise, “ ” to perfect corporate environmental management system, improve staff awareness of energy saving and environmental protection, improve the utilization rate of resources, reduce waste the emission of foreign; actively participate in afforestation and other public activities, contribute to the social environment optimization.
Marketing idea:Perfect service, customer satisfaction, forming strategic cooperation
Ou Bao always guided by customer satisfaction, the management system and methods of scientific and efficient management team, providing superior product quality, accurate delivery, reasonable price and perfect service for customers, the maximum to meet customer needs, make customers willing to become Ou Bao technology partners forever.

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