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Companies adhering to the concept of science and technology is the future of the enterprise, has invested heavily in the formation of the processing center, so that future generations of products developed quickly into production, to seize the market, the center of the mold making, SMT (surface mount technology) circuit board processing, a small group of trial production lines and other components, brought together senior engineers, senior technicians and other senior mold manufacturing professionals, the introduction of the world's newest and most advanced high-speed SMT plug-in machines, Mounter, reflow, and other equipment, high-precision grinding tools, grinding tools, precision coordinate machining centers, EDM, engraving machine, drilling machine and other special mold pores ranging plane, processing centers is in the test base R & D center is the transformation of scientific and technological innovation center, is the enterprises to speed up transformation and upgrading, towards the strong backing of intelligent security products field.oubaooubao

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