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How to provide employees a comfortable and convenient working environment has always been a major problem by the Administration. With O-HOME intelligent office systems, all are different. The entire office full of open and pleasant atmosphere. It integrates lighting, electric curtains, awnings, central air conditioning and electrical outlets  and  other

automation control. Fresh and pleasant office, comfortable department, refreshing hall, all people left a deep impression.
You also have the characteristics of office area, conference area, reception area, public areas, set different lighting effects, temperature effects, and management  of  different

scenarios, so that your office environment more intelligent.



Programme Details
Smart locks
Employees use the phone installationappUnlock;Safe and convenient.
Air-conditioning control
Mobile centralized control: office workers can use the phone early in the morning to open the air conditioning, the temperature is adjusted to an appropriate temperature; air conditioning seasonal restrictions: Season not, the temperature is not high can prohibit employees from open air; Comfort: advance the open air before reaching the office to suitable temperature; air conditioning work before automatic shut: 20 minutes in advance to automatically turn off air conditioning, use of residual heat; assessment: office staff can review each air conditioner usage time, easy to manage energy conservation; overtime: overtime forget to turn off air conditioning when office workers can unity remotely shut down at any time in any place.
Lighting Controls
With intelligent lighting control system that allows fully automatic operation of the lighting system, the system will be pre-set to switch a number of  basic  working  conditions,  

typically、"During the day","In the evening","Security"、"Clean"、“Weekend”And“Lunch”Wait,Automatically converting between various working conditions according to a pre-set time。For example,Time to go to work temporarily,The system will automatically turn on the lights,And illumination is automatically adjusted to the most appropriate level of staff。In the window of the room,The system can intelligently use outdoor natural light,When the weather is nice, interior light will automatically dim; weather and dark, bright indoor light will automatically adjust to always maintain a constant indoor brightness (luminance according to a pre-set requirement).
System also enables public walkways and stairwells, light coordination in public areas, office area when employees overtime, light public areas stairwells, walkways and other basic brightness is maintained only if the person has completed all work areas after only the light transferred“Security”Status on or off.
In addition, also with manual control panel or remote control, free to change the light intensity of each area.
For advanced office reception hall, a restaurant, meeting rooms, lounges and entertainment venues, may be based on different times of day, different uses carefully conducted pre-set lighting scenes, simply call the pre-set the best time to use lighting scenes, so that the guests create novel visual effects
Dispenser control
By phone socket in timing control, automatically cut off power supply to work; if someone work overtime, the phone socket in timing control, automatically cut off power at night; the phone socket in the timing control, water dispenser at work in the morning automatically open.
Computer Control
Open your phone to control or cut off the power; the timing automatically open or cut off the power;
Electric curtains
Ou intelligent electric curtains just a phone can easily control the opening and closing curtains, no longer hand in hand pull, can fit different weight curtains, ultra-quiet design, humane slow start slow stop, creating a comfortable living environment.
Smart Meeting Room
Mobile control the projector and screen and other equipment, more than convenient remote control; A key control conference system:It does not require office personnel to operate and automatically adjust the lighting, curtains, projector hanger, curtain, air conditioning.
Number one office
Phone locks: do not take the keys; security: Secretary, drivers, office workers spend working out, have to be controlled by the Secretary of using a mobile phone, you can query; a key control: Open the door, automatic opening curtains, open water dispenser, you can phone control food; after leaving, a key full off appliances, curtains and so on; Door camera video directly onto the desk pad, if someone wants to see if you can open the door, do not open the door do not want to see


Program value
Energy: air conditioning, lighting, drinking fountains, computer strengthen power management, through energy cost savings;
Convenient: Remote control air conditioning, remote turn off the lights, close the curtains remote, smart meeting rooms themselves put into use;
Security: O-HOME smart locks reaching standard bank cards, security index is very high

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